„Working independently and taking on responsibility“ – Nils Urban

Apprentice as a wholesale and export specialist, with a focus on wholesale, from August 2011 to January 2014; then an employee in IT until August 2019.

During my 2.5-year apprenticeship as a wholesale and expert specialist at Argent Holding (now SUND Holding), I passed through various different departments. I began my apprenticeship in logistics, and learned all there is to know about shipping and incoming goods. I was then deployed in Procurement, Sales, Quality Management, the laboratory, Marketing, Accounting, and finally within the IT department.

Through the insight I acquired into the various departments, I was able to gain a sound understanding and grasp of the work processes, from the issuing of a quotation to the shipping of the goods, and payment by the customer.

Within ARGENT Holding (now SUND Holding) I had the opportunity to work on  daily tasks independently and under my own responsibility. If I had any questions, there were helpful and competent colleagues on hand to help. I look forward to putting the acquired knowledge into practice during my career with DEISS.