Facing challenges with courage

As a socially-engaged family company, we support social projects.

We are committed to social issues in order to make a contribution to sustainability for society as well. We are aware that we bear responsibility as a company, not only vis-à-vis our customers but also to our employees and to society. Thus we organise further training courses, support environmental protection projects and also require our business partners to have a sustainable viewpoint as well. We will gladly give you an insight into the measures we are adopting.

Days for inspiration: the SUND Idea Days

With the SUND Idea Days, we are drawing inspiration from select experts and their specialist knowledge. During these events we discuss with reputable personalities from the fields of research, economy and from institutions, in order to remain abreast of current and future topic areas. All SUND employees are entitled to take part in these special days, and we also invite customers and other interested parties. We thus allow attendees the change to look beyond the horizon, and impart valuable knowledge to our employees.

Environmental protection begins on site

As a company that is firmly rooted in Hamburg, we also engage with environmental protection in the Hanseatic city. For more than ten years, DEISS has been a main sponsor of the "Hamburg räumt auf" (Hamburg is cleaning up) waste pick-up campaign. This public campaign aims to ensure that less waist is thoughtlessly discarded on Hamburg's footpaths and in its parks. Engaged parties from all areas help to clear the city of waste and to pass on this awareness.

Sustainability is everyone's concern

As a company, we are only one link in a long value chain for single-use products. In order to effectively pass on our demanding objectives regarding sustainability, we also encourage our business partners to make sustainability a fixed part of their corporate agendas. For this reason we have binding clauses that seek to improve our supply chains and also reduce the associated CO2 emissions.