Vision 2030 - our path to sustainability

As pioneers for environmentally eco-compatible disposable products and smart household aids, we continue to drive developments way beyond the boundaries of ecological sustainability. At all levels, it remains our goal to make a positive and lasting contribution – for humankind, the environment and the society in which we live. Join us on the path into a sustainable future.

Where do we stand today?

For over 60 years, we have been developing sustainable products and solutions that save resources and reduce the ecological footprint. And our 5 most important milestones during this period are not the only examples of the success achieved so far. Our experience and (our) know how enable us to further reinforce the optimisation of our products and their manufacture and so to actively shape the future.

What do we want to accomplish?

With new ideas, innovative processes and consistent advances in our product development, we are nearing our target step by step: By 2030, therefore, all our products are to be produced from 100 % recycling material or renewable resources. Along the way, we aim to launch at least one innovative, sustainable product onto the market annually. Stay tuned!

How do we manage this?

In order to achieve even greater sustainability in all areas, we base our activities on three pillars: a circular economy, CO2 reduction and recycling. We recycle household waste, process residual waste and increase the percentage of post-consumer recycling. At the same time, we reduce the CO2 footprint of our products and compensate remaining material emissions. Rounding things off, we also optimise recycling processes by expanding our sorting facilities, increasing the recycling quality and (reliably) securing the flow of recyclable materials. For we believe: Only such a comprehensive approach will enable us to achieve lasting positive effects.

What is the point of all this?

Seemingly small steps can already make a big difference. At DEISS for example, we were able to reduce total CO2 emissions of 32 % with our optimised garbage bags compared to conventional products. By closing further cycles, we focus our efforts, day by day, on achieving the best possible CO2 balance with our products.

At our BINGOLD and FIPP disposable gloves, we are increasingly turning to the natural substance latex. In comparison, the use of such renewable resources combined with energy generated in the production process enable us to lower CO2 emissions by up to 90 %. And the eco-balance of many other products also goes to show: Our measures are effective.

How do we get even better?

As a company well aware of its responsibilities, we would like to help make tomorrow’s world a better place for everyone. That’s why we do far more than just optimise our own environmental performance. Actively involved in various initiatives, we aim to be a pioner in our branch for sustainability. In this endeavour, numerous awards and certifications motivate us to take the next steps.

How can we shape the future?

In our view, there’s a lot in the world that still needs improving. That’s why we constantly seek new ideas, strategies and solutions. We encourage the innovative spirit of our staff and work together with external specialists. In this way we succeed in establishing ecological measures along the entire value chain, conserving resources and developing products that can be used longer, disposed of more easily and recycled even better.

What else do we do?

The success of sustainable action depends on joint effort. That’s why we focus our commitment on many issues that extend well beyond our everyday business. We back social projects, support environmental campaigns and strengthen society. Within our group, too, we implement numerous measures to protect the environment. For many challenges still lie ahead on the path to sustainability. Take the next steps along with us.