We use high-quality recycled materials

Plastics are recycled, without compromising on quality.

The SUND Group has always used recycling materials: more than 75% of our products now consist of reused or renewable raw materials, and 70% of our products are also recyclable or compostable after use. Great savings are achieved through high-quality post-industrial materials, and will continue to guarantee optimum performance. We are also increasing the proportion of so-called household-related "post-consumer" wastes in our refuse sacks at the same time. Moreover, we improve the quality of recycled materials by using additives to improve the reusability of recycled plastics.

Advanced use of recycled materials

Recycled materials are a fundamental component of our raw materials. We process reclaimed plastics to make new films, which we use to manufacture our products. However, this requires research and innovation, in order to improve the quality of the recycled materials. For this reason, we rely on processing methods that have been developed in-house, with which recycled materials can be used while maintaining our usual standard of quality.

Vacuum bags made from recycled materials

As a long-term partner to reputable retail chains, we develop solutions that are intended to bring our conviction with regard to recycling closer to consumers. We are thus working on the market launch of vacuum bags made from recycled materials, in order that we might also guarantee sustainability, specifically in products intended for everyday use. Our expertise in the use of recycled materials thus helps large industrial partners as well as private households to promote our vision of the environmentally-friendly company in every regard.

We set ourselves big challenges

In terms of quantity, plastics are amongst the most common waste materials in households. We are working to increase the proportion of recycled materials produced from this so-called domestic post-consumer waste. This is a difficult task, as this plastic waste is rarely single-variety, and is therefore particularly costly to recycle. In order to improve the quality of the recycled materials, we are developing concepts to use additives, in order that this waste can be reused to make high-quality single-use products.