Closing the loop

Recycling valuable materials – this is what we're all about.

Disposable products should not be regarded as waste. Even with only a single-use product, the resources used can be reused. However, that needs a circular market. Whereas waste paper is already extensively used, plastics made from recycling materials are still very far from forming a fully closed-loop recycling economy. With support from the Cradle-to-Cradle Insititute, our products are tested to determine their recyclability. We make our products recyclable to ensure we can fulfill our responsibility as a modern famly-owned company in the future as well.

Too valuable to throw away

As part of the Circular Plastics Alliance we have undertaken to use 32,000 tonnes of recycled material for our products each year. We view a commitment from companies to incorporate recycled materials into their business operations as essential if we are to bring plastics into a circular market, in which waste products are not viewed as rubbish, but are instead brought back into production cycles, as raw materials. Our product solutions show how useful recycled materials can be. With market-leading research, we can also manufacture single-use products from recycled materials in such a way that they meet the most demanding of industrial requirements.

Material innovations make products circular

Recyclability can exist in numerous areas: initially, EMIL DEISS KG (GmbH + Co.) sold jute sacks, used for coffee, for example. The sacks were collected after use and processed in order that they could be re-used. This is a principle that we still implement today, for instance with sacks for leaf sacks. In future, we want to recover and process these so that the recycled materials are not lost. Wet leaves are certainly a challenge, but we are taking on the challenge so that single-use products can also become circular.

Loops begin with the product

In order to test the recyclability of our products, we called upon the Cradle-to-Cradle institute. We are setting ourselves the task of making even difficult materials circular. As such, we are currently working on the recover of leaf sacks, in order that they need not be thermally recycled. Through the innovative use of additives, we are also attempting to bring our single-use products into the circuit.