„The training is well structured, all departments are covered“ – Kim Lichteiker

Apprentice as a wholesale and export specialist, with a focus on wholesale, from August 2016 to January 2019; then an employee within the internal sales department at FIPP until March 2020.

In August 2016, I began my training as a Wholesale and Export Specialist with a focus on wholesale at ARGENT Holding (now SUND Holding). I settled in after just a short time and got used to the everyday operations. The training is well-structured, with all departments covered within 2.5 years. For the first few weeks I was in the Laboratory and Quality Management department, which was very interesting - especially as an introduction to the company, as you came into direct contact with the product in this department. There I was responsible for the initial testing of the incoming goods, and performed various test procedures to test the quality of the films.

I then moved on to the Internal Sales team at FIPP. The very closely related task areas provided a very good overview of the working processes.

My main task area was the recording, processing and forwarding of customer orders, whereby the customer contact made these tasks particularly exciting. Through the thorough initial training and communication of the most important knowledge, I was able to work independently after just a short time.

Next, I moved on to the Shipping department, which first and foremost offered me the chance acquire a better grasp of the processes going on behind the scenes when a customer places an order.

On the whole the work at ARGENT Holding (now SUND Holding) was a lot of fun, and I was able to accumulate some career experience. I received a great deal of support from the friendly colleagues and felt that I was in really good hands on account of the pleasant and laid back working environment.