"Hamburg Cleans Up" is the annual rubbish collection campaign organised by Hamburg's city cleaning service

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"Hamburg Cleans Up" is the annual rubbish collection campaign organised by Hamburg's city cleaning service. As a Hamburg-based family business, DEISS has always supported the campaign and provided 50,000 garbage bags. On 30 January, DEISS was a guest on the city news podcast "Hamburg aktuell" to invite all Hamburg residents to take part in "Hamburg cleans up ".

Hamburg, 31 January 2024 : Spring cleaning in the most beautiful city in the world. For the 18th time, DEISS is supporting the major waste collection campaign "Hamburg Cleans Up" and donating 50,000 garbage bags made from recycled materials. DEISS is thus offering both young and old the opportunity to make a sustainable impact. 

On 1 March 2024, the city of Hamburg will once again begin its big clean-up. The kick-off event will take place at Heinrich-Helbing-Straße school. A campaign that DEISS is supporting with the necessary equipment. "As a Hamburg-based company, this project is particularly close to our hearts," says Clemens Eichler, Managing Director of DEISS. "Our special thanks of course go to all the volunteers who show such great commitment to the environment." 

Garbage bags are an interesting product. When collecting rubbish, they actually generate additional waste. Nevertheless, they are necessary because in many cases it is not possible to dispose of waste hygienically without the garbage bag as a collection vehicle. When selecting products for the collection campaign, DEISS places particular emphasis on the quality and sustainable properties of the garbage bags. The 50,000 PREMIUM garbage bags that are used are made from selected recycled granulate and are exceptionally puncture and tear resistant. Thanks to the use of innovative high-performance polymers, they can be produced using less material than standard bags and therefore produce fewer CO2 emissions.  

DEISS' commitment to the environment is reflected throughout the entire production process. From the development of innovative raw materials and the use of recycled materials to environmentally friendly production processes and demand-optimised product selection. In this way, the company creates added value for its customers and simultaneously for the environment. 

On 30 January, Karen Queitsch, Managing Director for Sustainability and Innovation, was a guest on "Hamburg aktuell" together with Nadine Meyer from Hamburger Stadtreinigung. In order to get as many Hamburg residents as possible involved in this year's rubbish collection campaign, they spoke on the Hamburg Zwei city news podcast with presenter Clemens Benke about "Hamburg cleans up" and called on listeners to take part. You can listen to the podcast again via the following link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0alyZ2dFJARQY8xM6jCMPw?si=93a5c85303694ea1