SUND Group as expert at dialog forum in Berlin

23 NOVEMBER 2021

"We need to talk"

Digitization, new business models and sustainable change: The topics of this year's dialog forum "We need to talk" at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR) dealt with pressing issues and problems. Karen Queitsch and Sören Dede from the SUND Group were also invited to Berlin as experts to show what sustainability and digitization looks like in practice at a medium-sized family business.

Many family businesses and medium-sized companies are affected by fundamental changes. Customers want to shop conveniently online, states are imposing new environmental regulations, and more and more people are paying attention to companies' environmental awareness and the use of sustainable materials. As those responsible for the areas of innovation and sustainability as well as digitalization, Karen Queitsch and Sören Dede gave a practical insight in conversation with Prof. Dr. Silke Bustamante and Prof. Dr. Stefan Wilhelm from the HWR using the SUND Group as an example of how companies in Germany are transforming and modernizing themselves towards sustainability.

"As a group that has been dealing with sustainability for a long time and is developing strategies to make even disposable plastic products sustainable, we were of course delighted to be invited by the HWR. After all, we are in the middle of the transformation that many other companies are still facing. An exchange of experiences and expertise is therefore very important so that we can develop more quickly into a society that deals with the environment in a much more responsible way than before," says Karen Queitsch.

Renowned guests were invited to the dialog forum on November 5. They included representatives from Mercedes-Benz, Vattenfall, Siemens, Microsoft and Deutsche Bank. Under the guiding theme of "Digital transformation and the transformation of traditional markets toward sustainability," the participants discussed the changes affecting the German economy and how these problems can be solved.