The SUND Group feature in UnternehmensBrief

5th August 2021

Sustainability is a top priority at the SUND Group. In the new UnternehmerBrief, Karen Queitsch, Managing Director for Innovation and Sustainability, therefore talks about SUND's numerous approaches to offering environmentally friendly products and making the group of companies more sustainable overall - a role model for other family businesses.

Family-owned companies have a special standing in Germany: Most consumers rate them as responsible, customer-oriented and sustainable. Social and regional commitment is also attributed to family businesses. For this reason, they play a special role in the implementation of sustainable business practices. The article in UnternehmerBrief discusses exactly what steps the SUND Group has taken to establish environmentally friendly trash bags and other sustainable disposable products.

There are plenty of reasons to talk about sustainable business processes. As a PwC/INTES study found, family-owned businesses that had already intensively addressed the issue of sustainability before the Corona pandemic managed the crisis significantly better. In terms of finding suitable personnel, an orientation toward environmentally friendly work is also important, as Karen Queitsch can confirm: "For young people, meaningful work is extremely important, not just salary and a secure job. We notice this with our new hires. Our commitment is decisive for many."

INTES' UnternehmerBrief is published twice a year and provides an overview of relevant topics of business, family, personality and wealth. The link to the article can be found on the SUND website under "Press Testimonials."