SUND Idea Days 2020

12. Februar 2020

The SUND Group is clearing the decks, and is setting sail for the future. For the second time, the Hamburg-based company organised the SUND Idea Days (SID), with and for its employees, in order to position itself as a future-oriented and sustainable business. Again on board were high-quality experts, who spoke on topics such as Cradle-to-Cradle, neo-ecology, recycling, CO2 balances, and the use of artificial intelligence.

To launch the SUND Idea Days, there were lectures by Prof. Braungart (as the keynote speaker) on the topic of Cradle-to-Cradle, Mrs. Ilseken Roscher on neo-ecology, graduate engineer Benedikt Kauertz of the ifeu Institute on CO2 balances, Dr. Joachim Christiani on the subject of recycling, and Dr. Andreas Jedlitschka of the Fraunhofer Institute on the use of artificial intelligence (photo).

Karen Queitsch, Manager for Sustainability and Innovations, and initiator of the SID event states:


SID consists of two parts, a campus day and a workshop day. On the first day we receive a great deal of input from external speakers. On the second day we combine the new information with existing employee expertise and thus develop future visions, new tools, and strategies.

On the SID days, laboratory technicians, managing directors, sales representatives, accountants and many other employees within the SUND Group all roll up their sleeves and grapple with new ideas. Ideas before hierarchies, new routes rather than known paths, - this is the recipe for success. The success of this approach is evident in the results of the SUND Idea Days 2018. Alongside numerous internal processes, which as more flexible and mobile working, a new internal communication culture, and alterations to the offices, it was also possible to develop genuine customer benefits, such as a Livechat function on the website.

At the same time, the survey also offered the chance to submit requests for improvement. In terms of structure, organisation, and communication, some of the employees saw potential for improvement. In spite of this, 53 percent of those surveyed can see themselves remaining in their jobs with the SUND Group until they enter retirement.

With these results, the SUND Group earned the right to officially call itself a "Good Employer" and a "Good Training Provider". The audit of the company was performed on a voluntary basis, and will be repeated in two years' time by a professional auditor.