SUND Group fundraising campaign

17. APRIL 2020

Practising solidarity with people who stand up for others on a daily basis.

Every day they are out on the streets of Hamburg, and always with a view to helping the weak and vulnerable. They provide the homeless, the poor, and other people on the margins of society with food and clothing. They give comfort or simply listen when a fellow human being shares his or her fears and concerns. They are the silent heroes of our time -  the volunteers working for the Hamburger Tafel, the Bahnhofsmission, and the numerous other organisations active in Hamburg, "the city of hope".

With courage, tireless dedication, and creativity, they attempt to keep on caring for the weakest in society, in spite of coronavirus. For, among us, there are many who urgently need this help; who rely on it for survival on a daily basis. Because they have to live on the street. Because they do not have enough money to prepare at leas one warm meal per day for themselves or their children. Because they can no longer make it through their everyday reality on their own. Yet these people also belong to Hamburg. Each of them is part of our charming, cosmopolitan city – and yet it is they in particular who are really suffering as a result of the crisis. Many facilities have been forced to close by official order, in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Protection for hands that bear responsibility is now more important than ever.

In order to continue providing these people with the essentials, the volunteers require professional protective gloves. These protect against infection and ensure good hygiene, even under the most severe of conditions. Barely anyone knows how important this is more than Martin Klostermann, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based SUND Holding. Among other products, the company manufactures single-use and multiple-sue gloves for professional applications, and has likewise reached its capacity limits on account of the continuing pandemic.

Protective gloves and other protective clothing are now a truly scarce resource, our stocks are completely exhausted, observes Klostermann soberly.

Nonetheless, the company is supporting the many silent heroes from Hamburg with an unusual campaign: Bahnhofsmission and Tafel, the drivers of the Mittagsrakete (Midday Rockets) that supply children in need with food, and the employees of the Hamburg Health and Judicial Authorities, have received the final quotas of professional protective gloves free of charge. This allows the volunteers to protect themselves when knuckling down to help other people.

Martin Klostermann is convinced: "In a time when the entire world is required to confront the most severe crisis for generations, practising solidarity and loving one's neighbour is more important than ever. As a family company, we are rooted within Hamburg, and we want to make a mark, not just symbolically - we want to provide genuine help to those who are helping others!" For this reason, SUND Holding has, without further ado, decided to distribute large quantities of BINGOLD gloves, free of charge. In addition, another company belonging to SUND Holding, EMIL DEISS KG, is donating professional-grade garbage bags, produced within the company, in order that the consumed single-use materials can be safely disposed of.

„With these donations, we want to help, and at the same time show that Hamburg comes together in difficult times. Our respect and recognition goes out to the many everyday heroes, who are unfortunately so often overlooked," highlights Klostermann, adding: "All those people who even now are working day and night to help the most vulnerable in our city, and who are risking their own health in the process: they should know that we are thinking of them, and that we are thankful to them. You are not alone!“