SUND Group Coronavirus Update

14 October 2020

Dear business partners,

Coronavirus has been keeping us all busy for a number of months now. At present, the rate of infection is once again on the rise. Challenges still remain, and every day we are required to show a new degree of flexibility.

For the SUND Group, the health of our employees is of the utmost priority.

Our company and many of our products are care-related — especially for the hygiene sector and for hospitals, as well as for end consumers. For this reason, we continue to be faced with the huge challenge of maintaining a reliable delivery capacity.

Regardless of the extent to which the coronavirus continues to proliferate, we are taking measures to keep operations up and running. The continuation of our business relationships are more crucial to us than ever.

Within the SUND Groups and the associated companies, DEISS, FIPP, and BINGOLD, we have taken every possible measure to ensure the protection of our employees and the continuation of our business.

What this means for you and for us:

  • The safety of our employees and their families is our top priority in every decision we make.
  • For all business relationships, both domestically and abroad, and in particular in the Far East and Europe, we adopt an agile approach to all we do and work together on a daily basis to prepare for new opportunities, risks and limitations.
  • Delivery capacity: As a care-relevant company, we are doing all we can to maintain our delivery capacity. In this regard we have been able to make a very solid contribution, in particular with gloves and special products for hospitals and care institutions. The significantly increased demand can only be absorbed to a limited extent. We are attempting to continue to provide a reliable supply to our core clientele.
  • The entire supply chain is under huge pressure. The difficult communication as a result of extremely limited travel must be compensated for.
  • Although a certain degree of normality was restored over the summer, the hygiene regulations and distancing rules are still being extremely strictly adhered to.
  • A crisis team, consisting of the Management Board and employees from within the SUND Group's Shared Services is ready in the event of an emergency.
  • All events, sponsorship campaigns, trade fairs, in-house exhibitions, training courses, and workshops are currently only taking place digitally.

What has the coronavirus crisis shown us thus far, as the SUND Group and as a family company:

  • We have a very strong team, that has pulled together and worked together, in spite of personal "social distancing".
  • Digitalisation has accelerated significantly, and is now a fixed part of everyday life.
  • In these difficult times, everyone is working together and new challenges are presenting themselves on a daily basis. With this in mind, we would again like to thank all our business partners for your understanding, we how that you and your teams remain healthy and positive, even as the coronavirus crisis continues to persist. We look forward to seeing you again in person very soon.

Martin Klostermann, on behalf of the SUND Group