Maria Burzlaff strengthens the sales team DEISS

31 March 2021

Reinforcement for the DEISS team: Maria Burzlaff will complement the sales team from now on. The key account manager will take care of customers of the hygiene wholesale trade. She introduces herself with a short interview.

What did you do before you came to DEISS?

I was looked after customers in the building cleaning industry intensively for seven years. Since building cleaners have very diverse fields of activity and demanding challenges, the work was very varied. For hygiene wholesalers, I concluded framework agreements with national and international key accounts and conducted the annual price negotiations

What made you decide to switch to sales at DEISS?

In my professional development, I have always exhausted all further training opportunities. Nevertheless, I always came to the point where I had to call in colleagues from the industry or the manufacturers for detailed questions, as they had very extensive knowledge and could answer questions about manufacturing processes. The desire in me grew steadily to become a specialist myself, to be called in for detailed questions. Since I already had many points of overlap with DEISS, I was on the one hand convinced of the quality of the products and on the other hand knew that DEISS employs very good people who have extensive knowledge and are always up to date with the latest developments. I had a strong desire to become a part of that and strengthen the team.

What expertise do you bring to the sales team?

In the past, generating new business was just as much a part of my job as expanding existing business. As a state-certified disinfector, I have held numerous hygiene training courses, developed glove plans and studied risk assessments. As a trained PPE consultant, I have also been able to gain insight into the needs and processes of customers, which are tied to EU, DIN and ISO standards, which also form a basis of our product range.

What appeals to you about working for a family business?

The short decision-making processes are definitely worth mentioning. The contract cleaning industry in particular needs business partners who can ensure that projects discussed are implemented quickly and reliably. I see this as the ideal basis for doing my job to the best of my ability and ensuring long-term cooperation with customers. Personally, I feel most comfortable and in the best hands in a family business. 

What do you think are the most exciting developments in the market for disposables?

The development of sustainable solutions is very interesting for me. In our industry, the challenge is to optimize products to be more CO2-friendly without compromising quality and without having to raise prices. I find it very exciting to be able to closely accompany the projects in which solutions are being researched.


Which tasks at DEISS are you looking forward to the most?

I am particularly looking forward to learning all about our laboratory and the manufacturing processes, but also to learning the differences between the 5,000 items in our range. 

Do you have a kind of life hack for trash bags?

Unroll a roll of "The Super Strong" climate hero on the lawn in the garden and hold the garden water hose on it. It's a great slide for the garden party!   

Is there anything you would like to dispose of in a DEISS trash bag?

Oh yes, all the mosquitoes! Nobody really needs them.