Karen Queitsch and Martin Klostermann on “Keepscast”

5 August 2021

About e-commerce with responsibility 

Shaping the future of commerce: On the new episode of “Keepscast”, our managing directors Karen Queitsch and Martin Klostermann talk about sustainable products and e-commerce. They were invited by Daniel Rösch, who as co-founder of Keepist has been trying to make online shopping more environmentally friendly for several years now.

The twelfth episode of the Keepscast is all about sustainable disposable products. Karen Queitsch and Martin Klostermann elaborate on the possibilities for sustainability in trash bags, from recycled materials to changing consumer awareness to the circular economy of plastic materials. They also talk about SUND's e-commerce and what exactly SUND Digital does.

The podcast invitation came from Keepist, which as a brand cares about sustainability on the web. To improve online shopping, Keepist has developed a points system that rewards climate-friendly and fair online purchases. Customers receive discounts or other credits that are intended to support the trade of sustainable items.

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