Interview with Wolfgang Dede: New SUND Group corporate headquarters

01 April 2021

"A jolt through the company": Wolfgang Dede on the new SUND location in Victoria Park


The SUND Group is moving: Next year we will move into our new headquarters in Victoria Park. The foundation stone was already laid in January, and the move should be fully completed by the end of 2022. In the interview, Managing Director Wolfgang Dede explains what is planned for the new location.


Mr. Dede, why has the SUND Group decided to build a new building and move?


Wolfgang Dede: At our current location in Lademannbogen, we now have four different properties. This leads to logistical problems and we have no way to expand further. Most of our stock is in forwarding warehouses. All these factors have tipped the scales in favor of consolidating everything and starting a new building.

How long did it take to plan the move?


We realized years ago that we are reaching our limits in terms of space. That's why we started in 2013 to look at properties. After the city was unable to offer us any suitable sites, we got in touch with the private business park developer for Victoria Park. This enabled us to acquire a 75,000-square-meter site, which also gives us enough capacity for future expansion. In 2018, the plans then became more concrete and the development plan was approved in December 2019. We have what the office space is concerned planned with growth. 
On the purchased areas, we now have the opportunity to double our capacities, in a second construction phase, once again.


What will the new location look like?

We will have a usable area in the office building of about 5,000 square meters. In addition, there will be a warehouse area of a similar size and a fully automated high-bay warehouse with 34,000 spaces for euro pallets. It will only be necessary to unload the pallets from the trucks and place them on the conveyor system, or vice versa. The pallets will then be driven up to the picking stations and the cartons removed. They then move away automatically and are made available when they are to be delivered. So we will have digitized warehouse technology.

How will the current shortage of parking spaces be addressed?


We are building an underground garage with 92 parking spaces. That is just at our current location a problem that we do not have enough parking spaces. In addition, there is a bicycle cellar and the possibility to charge e-cars at charging stations. This is a great advantage for all those who do not come to work by public transport.


What will the company premises offer SUND employees?


Our new property will consist of nearly 25 percent public recreational space. There will be walking trails and irrigation ditches and ponds. That's certainly a benefit for our employees as well, though there will also be a company restaurant and outdoor terrace in the new building. We therefore have numerous attractive areas that we can make available to our employees for their breaks.

What was the importance of environmental protection?


The entire construction is accompanied by an environmental engineering office that regularly monitors the flora and fauna. We will have a green roof on the building as well as photovoltaic power. In addition, we will primarily accommodate native plants on the property. We will also take measures so that insects can settle. In addition, there is also the possibility to pursue a project such as urban gardening on the existing land. We intend to have the construction certified according to DGNB Standard Platinum. This means that the building will be constructed and operated in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The environmental idea is thus consistently pursued, I assume times that there will probably be no greener industrial park in Germany.



What do you personally expect from the move?


I believe that we will manage through this new company building to bring back a jolt in the company. I noticed that during our last big move in 1989. At first we had to grow into the space we had then, but six years later we expanded our warehouse space by 50 percent and 15 years later we added on to the building to create more office space. I expect that logistical operations and internal employee communications will be very positively impacted because we will no longer have separate locations.