In the interview: Nick Schulze provides insights into storage

31 May 2021

"I enjoy seeing what SUND has built up in my time"  

As the link between the warehouse and logistics, he organizes more than 10,000 m² of storage space in Lademannbogen 65, assigns warehouse staff and truck drivers and, as the master of the warehouse, keeps more than 13,000 pallets in order. Another 30,000 pallets are located outside the Lademannbogen. 


Nick, what does a typical day look like for you in the warehouse?

Nick Schulze: It starts at 6:30, I then organize the teams for incoming goods, outgoing goods and commissioning. I am no longer in the warehouse. Instead, I take over the organization between the warehouse and logistics, which we organize with external drivers.

What makes your job so special?

I started at SUND as a warehouse clerk, back when we got the second warehouse. I then trained as a warehouse foreman and applied for the foreman position, which I also successfully completed. During this time, I was always supported by SUND. The company helped me a lot so that I could go my own way.

You have been with the SUND Group for 16 years. What has changed in that time?

When I started here, we still had a chaotic warehouse system. Back then, every pallet was put somewhere and if you didn't know where it was, you had to search for it. My first days were a lot of searching because I didn't know the warehouse. Everyone else knew where the goods were. But as a newbie, I really had to look at everything to find my pallets. You get a stiff neck from looking up at the shelves all the time. Then we introduced an electronic warehouse management system, which I already knew from my previous employer. So I was one of the people who suggested it so that we could improve our processes. Since we introduced the system, we've also had a lot more turnover of goods in the warehouse.

Did you have any suggestions for improvement for the new warehouse as well?

We have been asked what could be done better. We have the problem that we have several warehouses in the Lademannbogen and therefore have to do many things twice. In the new warehouse, this will all be optimized in one place. That saves time, we can also serve the drivers directly, so they don't have to stand in the yard for a long time.

What will change for you with the new warehouse?

The new warehouse will be automated for the most part. Currently, the incoming goods process is as follows: we take the pallets off the truck, then they are given a pallet identification number and put away manually. In the new warehouse, we simply take the pallets directly off the truck with a forklift and place them immediately on a conveyor belt so that the pallets can be stored automatically by robots in the high-bay warehouse   This will be a significant step forward. It will also give us more sales and we won't have to lay anyone off because there will be enough work. I'm looking forward to it!

What did you enjoy during your time at SUND? 

Seeing the transformation that the company has gone through has been a lot of fun. Seeing what the company has built and accomplished in my time.

What else is happening in the warehouse that is so exciting?

It has already happened that at night our managing director Mr. Klostermann was called because the alarm was triggered. But that was then always just a bird that fluttered around here somewhere and triggered the sensor. That happens sometimes, but it's rare. I have woken up Mr. Klostermann more often by accident because I forgot to turn off the alarm and ran into the warehouse. I sometimes start work earlier than regular, as early as 4:30 a.m., and he didn't think that was so nice to be woken up at that hour.

How do you deal with something like that?

I asked the technician to call me directly and gave him my home phone number. I prefer short distances, it's faster.