First certified garbage bag for medical waste

17. APRIL 2020

The solution for the safe collection and disposal of infectious waste.

  • The current general ruling of the German Federal Institute for Material Testing simplifies the collection and disposal of medical waste, which has been contaminated with the coronavirus.
  • DEISS presents the first BAM-certified garbage bag for contaminated, medical waste (UN 3291).
  • Yellow bags compliant with the general ruling offer increased safety for clinical staff and disposal companies during the coronavirus crisis.

Many hospitals, medical practices, and care institutions are currently experiencing major problems with the collection and disposal of single-use clothing. On account of the coronavirus pandemic, the quantity of potentially contaminated waste is increasing exponentially. The hazardous mountain of rubbish is growing every day, pushing everyone to the limit of their capacity.

With a new regulation, the Federal Institute for Material Testing (Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung, BAM) responded to this increasingly serious situation on 18 March 2020: For the first time it is now possible to collect and dispose of medical waste contaminated with Sars-CoV-2, not just in special containers, but also in bags made of plastic film. Suitable garbage bags that fulfil the required safety standards are currently only available from EMIL DEISS KG. DEISS is the first manufacturer to actually succeed in acquiring official BAM approval for a newly developed garbage bag. Production was launched before Easter, at full speed, as a result of which the first batches are already ready for delivery.

New solution promises fast remedy to logistics and safety bottlenecks.

EMIL DEISS KG (GmbH + Co.) is a market leader in the area of garbage bags and bin liners for commercial and industrial use. With more than 5,000 different products, the innovative company is a string partner to numerous industries, and is able to respond quickly when necessary, as emphasized by Managing Direct Clemens Eichler:


Right now, the safe and simple disposal of potentially COVID-19-contaminated material is a topic of the highest importance. The quantity of contaminated waste is increasing every day, and its proper disposal is crucial to preventative health protection. We are very proud of the fact that DEISS is the first company to produce garbage bags compliant with the new BAM general ruling, and can make these products available in sufficient quantities. “ 


In order to acquire this certification, DEISS was required to pass numerous tests and inspections: every four hours, samples from ongoing production are passed on to quality control, where they are tested for tensile strength and stability. However, the high expenditure is necessary in order to be able to offer a completely safe and reliable product that complies with the strict regulations regarding the transport of hazardous goods.

Up until now, waste that may have been contaminated with the coronavirus had to be separated into small containers by the disposal companies. These were transported in special hazardous goods containers to a waste incineration plant, where they could be safely destroyed. These requirements often caused difficulties right from the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, especially for hospitals, as they resulted in supply bottlenecks. Thanks to the quick action of EMIL DEISS KG, the new BAM regulation can be immediately implemented. Contaminated waste can thus be disposed of more simply and more quickly, without compromising on safety.