Exemplary eco-balance

20 May 2022

Disposable gloves made from latex achieve a far better eco-balance than nitrile or vinyl

In comparison, energy for the production of natural rubber latex at the SUND Group amounts to only 10 % of that required by conventional latex gloves.

With their eco-balance, the disposable latex gloves of the SUND Group scored top marks in terms of   environmental sustainability. This was established in an evaluation of the eco-balances of disposable hygiene and protective products conducted by the IFEU Institute for Energy and Environmental Research in Heidelberg. For its disposable gloves, the SUND Group is making increased use of natural rubber, a renewable resource that can be produced with almost total CO2 neutrality.


“Practically all the impact categories examined by the Heidelberg institute confirm the enormous advantages of our latex gloves made from natural rubber“, explains Karen Queitsch, Managing Director of Sustainability and Innovation at the SUND Group. 


The comparison revealed that emissions generated by sustainably produced latex gloves are only about a tenth as high as those from nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves in fact causing CO2 values almost 30 times higher.

The company points out that in comparison with conventionally produced latex gloves, the natural rubber latex used by the SUND Group requires only 10 % of the energy. For after their natural death, the rubber trees are used as an energy source to replace fuel from fossil sources.