EMIL DEISS KG wins silver medal

02 February 2022

EMIL DEISS KG, a company of the Hamburg SUND Group, has now won a podium place with its sustainability strategy. The international rating agency EcoVadis awarded the company a silver medal for sustainability in the manufacturing of plastic goods category.

The catalog of criteria not only includes the environment, but also labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. DEISS KG, which was still among the top 24% of all companies assessed in 2020, is now among the top 4% of all companies assessed in the industry.

While DEISS KG already meets the highest standards in terms of labor and human rights and ethics, the management is particularly satisfied with the good rating in the environmental area. The products achieved this rating particularly in the areas of energy consumption and waste management, as they are increasingly being made from recycled material and recyclability is already considered in the design. This ensures that large parts of the production are returned to the cycle.