Multi-track for more sustainability: 100 percent biocircular DEISS products are being developed

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Together with traceless materials, the SUND Group has started the development of innovative biocircular films for disposable products. Some milestones have already been reached. The results of the first laboratory tests for the further development of the traceless material are satisfactory. The quality standards of DEISS products remain in focus.

"By using the innovative traceless material, we are getting a lot closer to the SUND VISION 2030 and the goal of manufacturing all products from 100% recycled material and/or renewable raw materials!" says Karen Queitsch, Managing Director Sustainability& Innovation: "But there is still a way to go!"

The goal is DEISS trash bags and freezer bags that are completely biocircular - made from 100 percent natural renewable raw materials and compostable or degradable under natural conditions. Because when it comes to sustainability, DEISS drives multi-track: the DEISS recycling experts think in all directions! 

"We are looking forward to the next development steps of the traceless material towards a film quality that can be used for DEISS products!", says Clemens Eichler.

The new traceless material is processed like plastic granulate, but it is not made from oil, but from vegetable agricultural waste. Accordingly, it is completely plastic-free and does not fall under the EU Plastics Directive. The technology has a high scaling potential and will be able to compete with virgin plastics in the EU in terms of price on an industrial production level.

About traceless

traceless materials GmbH was founded in 2020 by Dr. Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare in Hamburg. From the beginning, the bioeconomy start-up showed clear ambitions to bring traceless quickly to market and thus make the greatest possible impact on solving global plastic pollution. The steadily growing team of currently 26 employees has established a first pilot plant for material production. In parallel, the first product applications made from traceless material are being developed. The team is working on pilot projects with online retailer OTTO and aviation group Lufthansa, among others.