DEISS Superheroes, 100% climate-neutral!

12 June 2020

CO2 reduced, environmental burden compensated: product innovation from DEISS creates full climate neutrality thanks to revolutionary high-performance film.

  • DEISS PREMIUM PLUS brand Superheroes are the first 100% climate-neutral waste sack

  • Lowest CO2 balance thanks to revolutionary, reduced-thickness recycling film with high-performance polymers

Although climate change is pushed slightly into the background in the media during the Covid-19 crisis, climate protection still remains the 21st century's biggest challenge. That's why the aim of the four DEISS Superheroes still remains: become climate-neutral now. With the aid of reduced-thickness recycling film with high-performance polymers, the PREMIUM PLUS quartet creates a genuine ecological and economic revolution for waste sacks. To ensure that the Superheroes win their battle for greater sustainability, DEISS cooperates with Climate Extender, a specialist that advises companies in relation to CO2 reduction and compensation.

People are increasingly and rightly deciding in favour of climate-friendly options when it comes to products. Companies bear great responsibility in this respect: DEISS knows this, and acts accordingly: as part of the SUND Group, the Hamburg company has worked on ecologically and economically meaningful solutions for waste sacks and refuse bags for almost 50 years. This decades-long effort to find innovative, environmentally friendly manufacturing materials is now benefiting the four PREMIUM PLUS brand Superhero waste sacks: "Allrounder", "Entry-level", "Top-selling" and "Superstrong": these products are now the first 100% climate-neutral waste sacks, and thus more sustainable than ever before. 

The stuff heroes are made of: high-performance film made from recyclate

Through the use of reduced-thickness recycled film, PREMIUM PLUS waste sacks achieve an optimum ecological balance – they need less raw material while having greater tear-strength and a bigger load-bearing capacity than comparison products at the same time. The high-performance polymers that are used create the basic precondition for reduced-thickness waste sacks with equal performance. This saves material, which has an additional positive effect on production, storage and logistics costs. However, because this does not yet achieve 100% climate neutrality, DEISS goes a step further to offer customers the most sustainable disposal solutions. 

Mission: climate protection – with the right partner

Climate Extender has specialised in helping companies and organisations to develop fully climate-neutral products. Remaining CO2 emissions from DEISS Superheroes are compensated with help from Climate Extender, with the result that their ecological footprint is reduced to the point where Superheroes are the first 100% climate-neutral waste sacks.

According to Clemens Eichler, Managing Director of DEISS: "The collaboration with Climate Extender is one of the many steps in our mission to be the most environmentally friendly waste sack. Through the cooperation, we can now offer 100% climate-neutral products." "Our Superheroes in the PREMIUM PLUS series consist of an innovative high-performance film that offers the same performance as conventional refuse sacks but uses less material and energy. We continue to work consistently on this approach. We compensate the remaining emissions with CO2 certificates from recognised, high-quality Gold Standard climate protection projects. Even though climate protection is a less intensive topic of debate during the pandemic, Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) 5, 7, 8 and 13 are very important, and we give them concrete support. This procedure corresponds to the UN Agenda 2030, i.e. CO2 avoidance and compensation, together with the simultaneous application of concrete development aid."

Study confirms: DEISS PREMIUM PLUS Products are undisputed climate heroes

A study published in December 2019 by the prestigious Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) certifies that DEISS Superheroes have a CO2 emission that is up to 30% less in relation to comparable commercially-available waste sacks. In the Eco-balance, DEISS films turn out to be the most environmentally friendly even compared to bioplastics and paper sacks. sacks - climate-neutral