Award as a good employer and training provider

11 February 2021

The SUND Group is demonstrably a good employer and trainer. This is the finding of an independent audit including an employee survey by Europanozert, an accredited certification body for quality management. An above-average number of employees took part in the survey to evaluate their workplace. The fact that 83 percent would recommend the SUND Group as an employer confirms the company's intensive efforts to listen to the wishes of its workforce and continuously improve.

The areas surveyed included training and development opportunities, employer benefits, working hours, and motivation and cooperation. With a participation rate of nearly 83 percent, a clear majority of the 133 employees disclosed their opinions about working at SUND Group.


That the results are consistently positive is therefore seen as a good signal by Martin Klostermann, CEO of the SUND Group:


"As a traditional, but also modern family business, the satisfaction of our employees is extremely important to us. We know that we are only successful if we create structures in which our colleagues feel comfortable and can give their best every day. The fact that we have received so much positive feedback on our efforts is therefore a source of joy. At the same time, it motivates us to tackle the areas pointed out to management where we can still improve."


Much praise, but also potential for improvement.

In the online survey conducted by Europanozert SUND Group employees confirmed that they are mostly able to work in a self-determined manner, reconcile family and career, as well as bring their concerns to the attention of the company's management with regularly scheduled employee meetings. 60 percent stated that they are always valued within the company and 96 percent of employees rated their work as always or often meaningful. On the part of trainees and dual students  there was also a lot of praise thanks to good integration, constant appreciation and with a takeover rate of 90 percent.

At the same time, the survey also made it possible to express wishes for improvement. In terms of structure, organization and communication, some of the employees saw potential for improvement. Nevertheless, 53 percent of the respondents can imagine performing their job at the SUND Group until retirement.

With these results, the SUND Group qualifies to officially call itself a "Good Employer" and "Good Trainer." The company's audit was voluntary and will be repeated in two years by an external auditor.