„You quickly take on your own duties“ – Jonas Vogel

Dual (work-study) student at SUND Holding until June 2021; then Key Account Manager for Healthcare at DEISS.

What are the advantages of the dual (work-study) programme?

In my opinion, the dual study system offers several advantages. The advantage of this system is obvioiusly that theory and practice are closely linked. This was really helpful, as you got to experience both perspectives during the dual (work-study) programme. At the uni you learn the theoretical bases, and within the company you can then put these to practical use within departmental placements and projects. Here there are, of course, occasional deviations between theory and practice, however, in my opinion it is precisely this that makes the system so interesting, as the dual (work-study) programme allows me to consider both perspectives. 

Other advantages are that, through the cooperation with the SUND Group, I can concentrate fully on my studies and don't have any financial concerns to worry about. In addition, I can make an early start at establishing a network within the company and as a result can draw on the practical experience of numerous experts, for example for my Bachelor's thesis, which I am currently writing.

What, in particular, sets the SUND Group apart as a dual study partner?

In my opinion, the SUND Group sets itself apart as a dual partner, first and foremost on account of the fact that it is a family-led medium-sized company with all of the associated advantages. The flat hierarchies within the company ensure that there are no long decision-making paths, and that a solution can quickly be found for any problem. In addition, personal support plays a vital role. I could therefore take all of my problems, wishes or other suggestions to my supervisor within the HR department, but also in the respective departments, and was always met with open ears. Throughout the entire course of study there was never a situation in which my wishes were not considered or where a solution to a problem could not be found. The open and positive working environment also makes it easy to settle in at SUND. In every department that I passed through during the past three years, I was always immediately accepted into the team, and always enjoyed my work, which I find is always a very important aspect in any job.

How versatile and diverse is a dual (work-study) programme at SUND Holding?

The course of study at the SUND Group is extremely diverse, and here you are guaranteed that things will never get boring. You basically make your way through almost every department within the company, and thus quickly acquire an overview of the cooperation between the individual divisions. Alongside the individual departments, you of course also switch between the four subsidiary companies, as well as Shared Services, whereby you also acquire insight into various business divisions. Whereas at DEISS the focus was primarily on wholesale and export, at FIPP there were brand new challenges to face, in this case the challenges that are part and parcel of the retail industry. With SUND Digital and the individual subsidiaries, the SUND Group is also active in the area of E-Commerce, meaning that you not only acquired insight into the different industries, but also into completely contrasting sales channels. In addition to regularly alternating between theoretical and practical phases, at the SUND Group there is also the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, if you are interested and manage to receive a place at one of the HSBA's partner universities. For example, I did not spend my 3rd semester at the HSBA, but rather at a partner university in Hong Kong, which was without doubt one of the most exciting experiences of the entire course of study.

To what extent were you assigned responsibilities within the SUND Group?

In my opinion, this is another area in which the benefits of being at a medium-sized company such as the SUND Group become apparent. Of course, every practical placement begins with an induction period, before you are actually deployed within the respective department. Following this, you are quickly assigned your own tasks and are accepted in as a valuable team member. Personally, I find this very important, as this is the only way to get an impression of the everyday work in the individual areas and departments. In addition to the everyday business, time and again there are opportunities to oversee and implement your own projects. In so doing, you of course take on responsibility for the project, however, you always have an assigned point of contact who is onside with advice and assistance should you need it.

Would you recommend a course of study such as this?

I would definitely recommend the dual (work-study) programme at the SUND Group, in cooperation with the HSBA. For me, the alternation between time at the uni and time working within the company, the flat hierarchies and the personal support, as well as the chance to spend a semester abroad in Hong Kong, were just some of the highlights of the course of study. Anyone who is looking for a varied course of study, and who at the same time wants to work within a company in which you can take on exciting tasks right from the outset, that has a fantastic working environment and offers great future prospects, will definitely be making the right choice if they enrol in the dual (work-study) programme at the SUND Group.