„A very exciting and educational time“ – Maximilian Ederhof

Dual (work-study) student from August 2013 until September 2016.


Since the beginning of my dual (work-study) programme, I have passed through various departments within SUND Holding, spending several months in Sales, for example. Here, within SUND Holding's core business, you learn of the benefits of a family working environment: problems are tackled together, people help one another, and if an employee is ever sick, their responsibilities are divided out.

Among my best experiences in sales thus far were the "on the road" days with our DEISS sales rep: together we visited customers, established contacts, and in one instance even dealt with a complaint. A very exciting and educational time!

Alongside the everyday tasks, you are assigned one or two projects in each department, which focus as closely as possibly on the respective specialist fields. Such projects can include the assessment and evaluation of master data, or in my case, the planning and supervision of the construction of our new laboratory.

Similar to that between employees within SUND Holding, there is also a great of solidarity between students in the HSBA. When the load gets heavy, they stand alongside one another and everyone helps each other out as best they can. Events, committees in which your can get involved, and exam periods that you tackle together contribute to the feeling of togetherness.

The overlapping of theory and practice is repeatedly evident, and knowledge from the lectures can be put into practical use and vice versa. In terms of the selection options for the course of study, you have plenty of decision-making freedom, and are actively supported by SUND Holding when making your choices.

Conclusion: a dual (work-study) programme at SUND Holding is interspersed with tasks that, if you are open to learning new things, can quickly become unique experiences. The projects that you have to complete independently are challenging and personally tailored. Here the fact that the colleagues are always available to listen and are happy to help was particularly great.