„It offers new experiences every day“ – Bastian Drengemann

Dual (work-study) student at SUND Holding until September 2019; then Product Manager at DEISS until August 2020.

As a dual (work-study) student at SUND Holding, I am involved in exciting projects on a daily basis. Here I enjoy the size of the medium-sized company, which allows me to get involved and benefit from short decision-making paths. Here I receive appreciation for my work and openness to new ideas, which I can bring from university, directly into the company.

The practical phases within the company show how the uni is preparing me for my everyday professional life. When the learning content is applied within an actual working context, this is when it stays in your mind best. In actual fact, the phrase everyday working life is not accurate, since being deployed within the different companies and departments of SUND Holding means that I continually enjoy new experiences. The lecturers and professors at the HSBA can often draw on their own business experience to convey the content of the lectures and make it practically relevant. This was also possible on account of the small course groups of no more than 25 students. This is a great way to get to know people and make new friends! All students also have the opportunity to actively participate in various committees, with a view to further pursuing their own interests. Not all assessments at the HSBA take the form of examinations. Presentations and practical reports – some of which are also in English – strengthen other skills. There is loads to do, but it's worth it!

The dual (work-study) programme is intense and demanding. However, anyone who decides to take this path can be sure that they are embarking upon an educational, varied and formative experience, full of firsts. There are always new aspects to be discovered and the most varied of tasks to be completed in each of our companies. However, within the corporate group, everyone still knows one another well – this is something I like about medium-sized companies. Therefore, I recommend that you do not put on an act for the application process, but rather be open and put yourself across naturally. If it is a good fit for both parties, then things can get going!