„I always felt at ease“ – Nick Müller

Apprentice as a wholesale and export specialist, with a focus on wholesale, from August 2016 to January 2019; then an employee within the Procurement department at DEISS.

During my 2 ½-year apprenticeship at SUND Holding GmbH + Co. KG I passed through many departments. Beginning with IT, before moving on to Incoming Goods Inspection / Laboratory, Procurements, Sales, Marketing, Shipping, and Accounting. I acquired insight into procurement and sales at DEISS and BINGOLD, and was thus able to take on tasks and compare working processes with one another.

I was welcomed by very friendly employees in every department and always felt at ease. I was able to ask questions at any time. During my entire time as an apprentice, I was deployed primarily in procurement. This is what I enjoyed the most. On the one hand, I got to work on import calculations, shipping invoices, procurement orders, and arranging containers. On the other hand, I acquired experience working with suppliers from Europe, for example in the organisation of lorries (pallets, parking spaces, weight), the tracking of delivery deadlines, and the monitoring of production planning, with a view to maintaining delivery capacity.

I was able to work independently within a variety of task areas. Upon completing my apprenticeship, I then picked up where I had left off, namely in Procurement at DEISS, and will soon begin my parallel course of study.