„Within the SUND Group there is a real feeling of community“ – Jonas Hilpert

Dual (work-study) student since August 2019.

Since I started as a dual (work-study) student in the SUND Group in 2019, I have passed through various departments. In this regard, on account of the holding structure, the SUND Group makes it possible to acquire insight into various companies, which is something rare and special. I was able to gain valuable insight into everyday business processes in each department and in every company. In addition, I was also assigned a diverse range of projects and tasks, which had a very positive effect on my learning curve.

One major advantage of being able to acquire various insights is the ability to recognise interfaces between departments and gain an understanding of company processes. Another is that I come into contact with a broad range of aspects of business administration, and can thus, over time, define my fields of interest with greater accuracy. I personally consider this, in particular, to be a great advantage of the dual (work-study) programme, as the topics addressed within the course of study are directly applied. As a medium-sized family company, thanks to its strong corporate culture and openness towards innovations, the SUND Group enables the handing over of responsibility and fosters a genuine sense of community. The practical phases are well-structured and yet there is real flexibility with regard to individual requirements. Within the SUND Group I have the opportunity to work on myself and my skills. Thus, for example, through a lecture given to the entire corporate group during my time in the in-house laboratory, I was able to refine my presentation skills. During the presentation I had to present the topic of "Technical Values" to my colleagues, within the context of a regularly recurring event. It is events such as these in particular, along with other communication channels, that demonstrate how the SUND Group always keeps its employees informed and addresses them on an equal footing. As a dual (work-study) student I am visible and don't feel like a "number" within a large organisation. For me, the decision to enrol for the dual (work-study) programme at the SUND Group in 2019 was definitely the right one. In contrast to other companies, I have the feeling that the work performed within the SUND Group is particularly valued, and that dual (work-study) students are assigned responsible and exciting tasks.

A dual (work-study) programme is demanding. If you are ready to take on challenges, then you will be rewarded with a educational, exciting and diverse few years. Within the SUND Group, addressing one another informally has been the norm for some time. The feeling of togetherness here is very strong, and as a result, it is simply fun to work on interesting projects with friendly colleagues. I consider it a privilege to be a part of the growth.