„Independence and a sense of responsibility.“ – Maximilian Ludwig

Dual (work-study) student from August 2011 until September 2014; Key Account Manager until March 2021 - Healthcare at DEISS.

As an umbrella organisation encompassing growing, medium-sized companies, SUND Holding offers exciting opportunities for its dual (work-study) students - both during their training and also afterwards, as they step into professional life!

During the course of study I passed through various departments such as Sales, Logistics, Marketing, and Accounting, and was able both to familiarise myself with business operations and also to take on my own projects.  One highlight of the apprenticeship was when we relocated a warehouse from Nuremberg to Hamburg, which I oversaw and coordinated, for the most part independently, in discussion with the Logistics department.  This was a fantastic experience with regard to developing my independence and sense of responsibility!

The aforementioned characteristics are important, not only for professional life, but also for the time at the HSBA. While the course of study is demanding in terms of time and requires a high level of dedication, it also offers us fantastic opportunities as students. The lecturers are, for the most part, themselves actively employed, and can as such draw on many of their own, practical experiences in the lectures.

Following the completion of the course of study in Autumn 2014, I was initially employed as an assistant to the management (focus on controlling). Since October 2016, in my new role as manager, I am responsible for business development, with topics such as controlling, strategy & organisation, project management, and digitalisation. The theoretical bases that I learned at the HSBA thus help me, even today, with my daily work within SUND Holding.