„A continuing supply of exciting and challenging tasks“ – Niklas Reibe

Apprentice as a wholesale and export specialist, with a focus on wholesale, from February 2017 to August 2019; then an employee within the Accounting department at SUND Holding

The apprenticeship at SUND Holding is higly varied and lots of fun. On account of the diverse companies within the corporate group, SUND Holding can offer an extremely varied training programme.

During my 2½-year apprenticeship, I already got to know the following companies within the group: SUND, DEISS, FIPP, and BERASIT. I was continually assigned new, exciting, and challenging tasks. For example, in Quality Management/Laboratory, I got to know the products better and checked their quality with the help of various tests. In Sales, my tasks were mainly in the drafting of quotations and the processing of incoming orders. I also got to familiarise myself with work in procurement. Here the focus was on the drafting of supplier enquiries and the placement of orders. In the Accounting department I got to know the financial side of things. Here my main tasks included the recording of incoming invoices and handling transactions (incoming and outgoing payments). By the end of my apprenticeship I had also passed through both the Logistics and the Marketing departments.

In each department there were friendly and helpful employees on hand, who really helped me to settle in. As such, I had the opportunity to take on independent tasks and assume responsibility.